The Pegasus team will review your current structure, tax exposure and asset performance and develop bespoke strategies and family office infrastructure to amplify your wealth.

Our Key Services Provide:

  • Strategic assessment and financial modelling of proposed commercial transactions, tax structures and investments

  • Due diligence assessment of commercial proposals and business partners

  • Scoping, development and implementation of commercial structures, investment framework and financial licensing requirements

  • Bespoke Family Office infrastructure establishment and appointment of key global legal, tax, investment, custodial, regulatory and commercial partners

  • Reweighing and balancing of portfolio's and risk profiles, within stated risk tolerances

  • Wealth protection through defensive strategy, hedging and volatility management

  • Investment amplification through ISDA programs of multinational investment banking partners and associates

  • ATO ruling applications and bespoke private and product rulings generation

  • Private equity and venture capital proprietary access

  • Mortgage fund development and capital raising through Senior, Junior and Mezzanine debt structuring.